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Advantech Invests 12 Million Shares of Winmate Private Placement Common Stock


In a board meeting today, global intelligent systems leader Advantech (2395.TW) agreed to invest 12 million private placement common shares of Winmate (3416.TW) at a price of NT$45 per share (total, NT$540 million). Through this private placement engagement, Winmate will officially become the partner of Advantech’s IoT Allied Platform Service Alliance.

Advantech hopes to further solidify the IoT Allied Platform Service Alliance with this investment in Winmate stockholder rights. The IoT industry focuses on niche businesses and is deeply embedded in vertical industry niche markets; it is therefore imperative that basic resources are shared to achieve an economy of scale. Advantech hopes to become, to a certain degree, the core of operations by sharing some of Advantech's basic resources with alliance partners. This will assist them to develop niche market expertise based on a stable foundation. This in turn will usher in a second wave of IoT advancements and help to broaden Taiwan’s IoT industry. Yet as each business develops in its own respective direction regarding market activity and brand channels, they can still maintain a healthy competitive relationship.

Advantech shares basic resources with allied partners by providing four shared platform modules:

  1. The allied service procurement platform
  2. IoT hardware design platforms (e.g., the x86, ARM and wireless platforms)
  3. IoT Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS software platform (including four major modules: WebAccess, WISE-PaaS/VideoSense, WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, Wise-PaaS/EnSaaS) 
  4.  Advantech's manufacturing and testing resources in Linkou, and in the future in Hwa-Ya Technology Park, Taiwan, and Kunshan, China

According to KC Liu, Chairman of Advantech, "The sharing economy and inter-company collaboration are part of the fabric of the IoT industry, so the IoT Allied Platform Service Alliance is a trend for the times. Advantech plans on inviting interested companies in the same field to cooperate in accelerating alliance operations via capital collaboration. We hope to help allied companies to break through the limitations of scale and accelerate the development of the IoT industrial economy. Advantech can thus also benefit from the increased value of the stocks it holds, as well as the increased scale of the alliance and the IoT industry as a whole.”

Ken Lu, CEO of Winmate, added to this: "The IoT market has unimaginably limitless potential for future development. Once Winmate has joined the IoT Allied Platform Service Alliance led by Advantech, in addition to enjoying collaboration advantages from the alliance, Winmate will be able to share and pass on our experience. We can also assist allied partners in utilizing resources with higher efficiency, thereby creating greater value for all our shareholders and clients all over the world. Through collaboration with Advantech, Winmate will continue to perfect our niche market expertise, in the hope to become a global leader in the fields of rugged computers and application solutions."

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