As the highest strategic management mechanism of the corporation, the Advantech Board makes all regulations and decisions according to related laws and powers granted by shareholders’ meetings.

In addition to improving corporate governance schemes, Advantech also focuses on the long-term company strategy development, on shaping company culture and on cultivating senior level managerial talent. To achieve this, the board will take turns inviting all department managers to report at regular meetings, which will help the board better understand the overall company operating condition. Directors will question each manager and make strategic decisions based on their responses, then hand over projects to the executive and general manager for tracking.

Furthermore, the board founded the Audit and Compensation Committees, expanding the board's scope through specialization of work and distribution of meeting times.

The Audit Committee consists of supervisors who lead the internal auditing of the company, checking that the nine circles of daily operation such as finance, business, production, and expense all conform to corporate laws and regulations in order to prevent fraud. The Compensation Committee focuses on the establishment of internal finance as well as a remuneration and reward system, and creates feasible schemes for senior talent cultivation planning.

The board endeavors the company in all possible ways and enlarges its involvement in operations to practice wise corporate governance in order to make Advantech a model Taiwanese corporation.

Constitution and Members of the Board

The current Board consists of five directors and three supervisors. The Advantech company constitution clearly stipulates that two (2) directors will be outside independent people in order to make corporate governance effective. With the hope that the introduction of impartial, outside personnel will make the company’s overall strategy both open and just, the independent directors will be nominated by the board. They are primarily to be persons with appropriate specialization, or who have held CEO or senior positions related to the IT industry. We want their rich knowledge and experience to contribute to the formulation of important and long-term development strategies of the company. For the independent supervisor, supervision and finance auditing experience are emphasized more, since this person will also be invited to join the Audit Committee.

Board Member List, Service Term and Educational Background/Experience
Title Name Service Term Main Educational Background/Experience
Chairman KC Liu 3 years
  1. Advantech Co., Ltd. CEO
  2. Founder of Advantech Co.,Ltd.
  3. Previous HP Taiwan Sales Engineer
  4. B.S. in Communication Engineering, National Chiao Tung University Biography
Director Advantech Foundation,
Representative: Donald Chang
3 years
  1. President, 3M China Region (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director Ted Hsu 3 years
  1. Vice Chairman of Pegatron Corp.Ltd
  2. Founder, ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
  3. B.S. in Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University
Independent Director Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu 3 years
  1. Professor of Business Administration, National Chengchi University (NCCU)
  2. USA PhD in Business Administration, University of Michigan
Independent Director Jeff HT Chen 3 years
  1. Stanley Black and Decker, VP & President of Asia
Supervisor James K. F. Wu 3 years
  1. Founder, KPMG Taiwan
Supervisor Thomas Chen 3 years
  1. Previous GM,Advantech U.S. Co-founder, Advantech
  2. MBA, Indiana University
Supervisor AIDC Investment Corp.
Representative : Gary Tseng
3 years
  1. Previous CFO, TSMC
  2. Previous CFO, Quanta Computer