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Network Platforms, Blades & Adapters

Advantech Networks and Communications Group provides mission-critical hardware to the world’s leading networking companies. Starting from a broad range of fully integrated, certified, standard products, customers can leverage Advantech’s Customized COTS framework to optimize their solution for their application-specific requirements. Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service offers easy and secure access to all its platforms for remote evaluation, benchmarking and the testing of new technologies and services. Whether it is wired or wireless, virtual or physical, at the core or the edge of the network, Advantech’s products are embedded in the telecommunications infrastructure that our world depends upon.

Product Categories

  • Networking Systems & Platforms

    Advantech’s Network Systems and Platforms provide a wide range of performance, throughput, architecture and format choices from entry-level 1U network appliances to carrier-grade 14U 14-slots ATCA systems. Advantech networking platforms leverage our principles of scalability, reliability and flexibility to help equipment manufacturers, operators and service providers build their unique solutions on a consistent product line without sacrificing the economy of scale offered by standard off the shelf products

    • Packetarium Network Platforms

      The Packetarium XL series of x86 based blade servers is designed for optimum performance in next generation enterprise and telecom applications, enabling new, cost-effective ways to scale-out compute performance on Intel® Architecture processors distributed across high-speed switched backplanes. The systems bring greater performance, flexibility and cost efficiencies to strengthen the transition to NFV and Software Defined Infrastructure. The original Packetarium series is based on Network Processor (NPU) technology to meet more specialized packet processing needs in applications leveraging Deep Packet Inspection.
    • Network Appliances

      Advantech's Enterprise Networking Product Division offers a broad portfolio of x86-based Network Platforms built with the latest generation Intel processors, LAN access devices and accelerator silicon such as Intel QuickAssist (QAT) technology for SSL and IPsec encryption. Integrated into state-of-the-art tabletop and rackmount designs a range of customized branding options are available for fast and efficient deployment. The platforms range from cost-efficient and compact tabletop solutions using Intel Atom Processors for SMB deployment to higher performance 1U rackmount server designs and scalable 2U Enterprise/Data Center level platforms harnessing the power of Intel Xeon Processors. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of Network Equipment Providers, Cyber Security OEMs, and Communication Service Providers, the platforms are highly scalable and configurable with flexible port counts across a wide range of 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE options. Advantech platforms are deployed in volume around the world in a wide range of applications for network and cyber security in the form of Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, Intrusion Prevention and Detection (IPS / IDS) devices, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and Security Gateways (Se-GW) among others. They are ideally suited for enterprise applications such as vE-CPE and SD-WAN, and widely used as physical appliances such as load balancers, application delivery controllers (ADC), WAN Optimization Controllers (WOC) and VPN gateways.
    • High Performance Servers

      Advantech High Performance Servers are highly configurable platforms designed to balance the best in x86Network Appliance processing performance, promoting Network Security with maximum I/O and offload density in a 20" depth chassis. The rackmount servers are cost effective, highly available optimized to meet next-generation networking and media processing needs. Our carrier grade rackmount servers are tested and engineered to meet high standards, and provide fast fault recovery through redundancy, which stabilize your system with extended lifecycles. Key features of Advantech’s carrier grade servers such as hot swappable redundant power supplies and fans, advanced carrier grade remote management, and redundant BIOS or firmware images for fail safe updates all bring increased reliability and serviceability advantages to customers, which aim at perfecting your next-generation telecom project. The rackmount servers are specifically designed for high density PCIe card payloads where maximum port count is needed or the integration of industry leading offload and acceleration technology is essential. The servers are all designed to provide greater robustness and meet stringent environmental conditions with reduced rack depths. As Advantech’s carrier grade servers are set, unprecedented x86Network Appliance processing performance is ready. For more solutions, please visit CompactPCI Solutions Telecommunication Solutions Video Solutions
    • Integrated ATCA Systems

      Advantech Integrated ATCA Systems are specifically targeted to help Industrial communication network appliance providers reach superior levels of performance over traditional rackmount servers, network appliances, and x86 network appliance. The Integrated ATCA Systems represent a new generation of systems, which offer superior performance, scalability, and flexibility with the latest 40 gigabit Ethernet (40G) backplanes, switches and network application blades. The systems optimize the network application platforms to achieve the highest possible density at the rack level, with a maximum number of payload blades, network ports, and switching capacity. Each system is tailored for customers to rapidly deploy in industrial data communication markets for ATCA applications, which require faster and deeper packet processing. For more solutions, please visit CompactPCI Solutions Telecommunication Solutions Video Solutions
    • Network Switches

      Advantech high performance switches offer 10GbE and 40GbE flexibility in both AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and 1RU rackmount format. These new powerful and flexible network switches support enhanced features essential to build Software Defined Networks (SDN) and target top-of-the-rack deployment in modern data centers as well as AdvancedTCA application blade switching for Network Function Virtualization (NFV ) rollout. They combine the latest switching technologies from Broadcom with a wide choice of control plane processors from Intel and Freescale. Advantech Network Switches provide you with carrier grade switches to support your need for Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization. Whether you need open switch programmability in carrier, enterprise or data center networks Advantech has a highly configurable solution to meet your OEM or ODM needs. For more solutions, please visit CompactPCI Solutions Telecommunication Solutions Video Solutions
  • Networking Blades & Boards

    Advantech provides a broad range of boards, blades and adapters utilizing the industry’s latest technologies in PCIe, ATCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA form factors. Customers have the ability to choose the most appropriate platform for their application and then have Advantech optimize their solution using our Customized COTS technologies and services.

    • PCI Express Adapters

      Advantech's PCI Express adapter range of accelerators, network interface cards, and intelligent NICs enables industrial integrators, network equipment providers and cybersecurity vendors to integrate LAN access and acceleration devices with more robust and reliable feature sets into industrial PCs, high performance servers and high-end network appliances. Advantech’s family of network interface cards in a range of form factors specifically adapted for deployment on our ATCA blades, in high density network appliances and in high performance servers, where network interface card are giving customers access to a full range of NICs with 1GbE, 10GbE and 40GbE interfaces with industrial life cycle and life cycle management. Our PCI Express adapters are designed for multi-core processing applications and optimized for virtualized environments. Multi-core processors and virtualized applications can leverage the I/O technologies available on the network controllers for load balancing data and interrupts amongst themselves in order to optimize and improve overall system performance. The PCI Express adapters offer excellent price/performance, enhanced power-savings and are backed by industrial lifecycles along with Advantech's comprehensive industrial lifecycle management program.
    • AdvancedTCA

      Advantech's AdvatncedTCA (ATCA) Blades are high bandwidth,100G ATCA switch blade for ATCA system and are designed in unison with the leading silicon suppliers, providing OEMs with the earliest possible access to leading edge technology. The cornerstones of Advantech ATCA product line are the blades designed in our own labs and manufactured on our own production lines. Advantech manages the entire life cycle and control all our costs to give customers the best service at the right price. Our Intel, Cavium and DSP ATCA blades match ATCA System which offers ATCA system integrators and businesses flexible product series to better fit the needs of the specific network element. To deliver an overall ideal architectural solution for ATCA system integrators and businesses, our 100G ATCA switch blade solve your troubles in intensive telecom applications such as data center and wireless access controller.
    • MicroTCA & AdvancedMC

      Advantech’s AdvancedMC is designed to work on AdvancedTCA carrier cards and which can directly plug into a backplane is defined by MicroTCA. We offer highly integrated various sizes of AMC processing module, which empowered by leading suppliers’ processors and chipsets. With efficient power consumption and multiple choices of Gigabit Ethernet/USB2.0/SFP+ ports, our MicroTCA and AdvancedMC product line are here to elevate the AMC processing module performance: small size, high performance, hot swap capability, and full management infrastructure. Our MicroTCA and AdvancedMC product series fit your carrier grade communication equipment needs.
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