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Market: Automotive Industry 

Technology Partner: Net Surfing Srl 

Country: Italy

Project Introduction

 A global partner for the automotive industry who develops products for transmissions, engines, driveline, fasteners, started a company optimization program with the support of Net Surfing to optimize internal industrial assets management and energy consumption starting from the existing machinery and infrastructure by combining the asset management system with an IIoT energy saving technology.   

System Requirements

 After a deeper analysis of the available technologies, the client started to apply high-tech sensors on ovens and compressor rooms for heat treatment and consumption analysis, but furthermore they also needed to acquire all production data from existing equipments and machines (from PLC and dedicated counters) in the fields to get physical parameters like temperatures, pressures, flows, vibrations, etc in order to put in place a predictive maintenance and an energy saving system . Another challenge was to create a sort of brigde between OT field data and IT asset management data. In order to do this, they needed an open technology for data acquisition, collecting and monitoring, who can support different equipments and machines without replacing the existing HW, and user friendly for operators with an easy dashboard to be shown also with smartphone, tablets or QR-Code.   

System Description 

The entire project was implement by integrating an asset management system based on the Infor EAM platform together with an IoT and energy saving technology based on the Advantech WebAccess platform with a redundant architecture on virtual machine. In general, the overall system included: Acquisition and monitoring of energy consumption data Acquisition of production data from each equipment / machine (from  PLC and  dedicated counters) Acquisition of physical parameters: temperatures, pressures, flows, vibrations. In particular, from the compressor room the acquisition included: Compressors remote control Air flow Pressure and Temperature,  Air extraction from buildings,  Fire alarms, technical alarms,  Electric energy consumption Cooling system, Pressure monitoring, Temperature monitoring, Pump monitoring and remote control.

System Diagram

 WebAccess/SCADA 8.2 WebAccess 8.2 Universal with Unlimited tags ADAM-4570 2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server


In practice, the production process monitoring, in addition to the energy consumption saving, allowed the company to program half-yearly stop for ordinary maintenance , but also to replace in advance worn parts before break. Further results inlcude a production waste decrease and the possibility to apply a remote control of some machines, especially the compressor room for remote assistance. All project allowed the company to improve the overall performances of 4-5% without changing the all existing machinery, and therefore offering a suitable investment in term of cost but with big ROI with an estimated amortization time of approx one year. Thanks to the expetise of our new technolgy partner Net Surfing Srl, we succedded again to reach our mission by enbling an Intelligent Planet

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